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Course Curriculum

Science of Skin
The Skin – Anatomical Layers
0 Hours 2 minutes00:2
Quiz for Science of Skin
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Microdermabrasion Techniques
Microdermabrasion Techniques 1
0 Hours 20 minutes00:20
MicrodermabrasionTechniques 2
0 Hours 7 minutes00:7
Exam for Microdermabrasion Techniques
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Chemical Peels
Chemical Peels – Learn more about the Melanopeel Mandelic Acid and Lactic Acid Chemical Peels
0 Hours 5 minutes00:5
Chemical Peels – Learn how to do a chemical peel cocktail
0 Hours 11 minutes00:11
Exam Questions for Chemical Peels
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Advanced Facials and Skin Analysis
Advanced Facials Ultrasonic
Advanced Facials Ultrasound
Advanced Facials Microcurrent
Advanced Facials High Frequency
Advanced Facials Galvanic
Exam Questions for Advanced Facials and Skin Analysis
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Acne Care and Solutions
0 Hours 48 minutes00:48
Acne Care and Solutions – Grades of Acne
0 Hours 2 minutes00:2
Quiz For Acne Care Solutions
0 Hours 60 minutes00:60
Managing Aesthetic Skin Conditions & their Treatments
Exam for Managing Aesthetic Skin Concerns, Ethnic Skin& Anti-Aging Solutions
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Exam for Cosmeceuticals
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Decorative Cosmetics
Exam for Decorative Cosmetics
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Science of Hair
Exam for Science of Hair
0 Hours 30 minutes00:30
Bonus Pregnancy Skincare
  • $450.00
  • 12 months
  • Course Certificate
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